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“The Trailing Apron classes helped transformed eating-in for our family in Buenos Aires. Through a series of classes with Elisa, our domestic helper learned how to make sushi, Thai, kebabs/hummus and tacos. Each course was tailored to our goals, needs and preferences. We are still enjoying delicious and healthy dinners from The Trailing Apron recipe book nearly two years later.”

Sara M.

Buenos Aires

“I loved every class I took with The Trailing Apron!!! Elisa is patient, kind and beyond organized in her classes. Her recipes are always something she has made with her mom or recipes she has developed during her travels. Elisa takes time to not only share her recipes with you, but also gives you time to learn exactly how to prepare for the meal.. chopping veggies, prepping meat, safety in handling foods and more. Her classes are fun, informative and always end with an amazing group meal!! So while you may come in a stranger.. you leave as family. I highly recommend spending time with The Trailing Apron.”

Stacy G.

Buenos Aires

“The Trailing Apron is an incredible service which not only gives families superior meal options but really helps supports the ex-pat lifestyle. After one session our picky eater mentioned how much the Middle Eastern food tasted like “home.” And after the sessions we really felt grateful for our helper and understood how committed she was to our family!”

Vicky S.

Mexico City